The Hulda Clark Therapy
The new Revolution in the field of Natural Healing

Hulda Clark aan het "Synchrometeren"

Hulda Clark while testing with her marvellous invention the "Syncrometer"

The times in which natural healing was a matter of guessing are gone. Thanks to dr. Hulda Clark we finally are provided with something that gives us much certainty with regard to healing ourselves and others with natural means. Yes, even if it concerns severe illnesses.

Once in a while, someone is born that, through his or her life's work, is capable of changing human history. Well, in the field of healing and self-healing with natural means, Hulda Clark is a perfect example.

While most of us still shiver for diseases like AIDS and Cancer and doctors are at an utter loss when it concerns new diseases that are spreading like wildfire, like strange flues or new epidemics like Lyme's disease, the Hulda Clark therapy forms a calm, steady and hopeful beacon in this sea of fears and uncertainty.


Hulda Clark and the Nobel Price

Hulda Clark is the classical example of a scientist the way a scientist should be, namely someone with an open and honest mind, who doesn't let him or herself be influenced by his or her own prejudices, but keeps herself open for any solution for a problem, no matter how strange that idea or solution might seem!
(prejudices, by the way, she did have herself, but instead of letting herself be limited by them, she liked to challenge them and we can count ourselves lucky that she possessed such a sense of perspective concerning herself and her own ideas, for her discoveries went against everything that was generally believed, and is still believed, like her experience (not statement, but experience) that in very many cases and without high costs, cancer can be cured in a natural way.)

That the American organisation that calls itself "Quack busters", of which now has become known that it had criminal elements, has made life for dr. Hulda Clark so difficult, is really scandalous for dr. Clark followed strict scientific norms. Furthermore, she was of the opinion that it was her duty as a scientist, to reveal her findings that were proven by her profound research, even if this meant that they went against her own convictions and those of the world.

To criticise someone is easy. However if you put her discoveries in practice and explore them yourself, then you can only be amazed, because many of them are really genius and besides that very practical and directly applicable fore everyone.

Her dedication to finding solutions for the suffering of those who are ill was immense and what she, all by herself has accomplished is unbelievable.
This dedication has offered the world an enormous wealth of insights and solutions for the curing and relief of many diseases that until shortly were not understood (and often are still not) and that therefore seemed incurable or difficult to heal.

Several of her discoveries are so important and could have such an impact on our future, what health and well being is concerned, that they were extremely suitable for a Nobel Price, but unfortunately for her but also for us, a Nobel Price is never given to her.

Muntstuk van de Nobelprijs voor de kunst

On the contrary, as happens so often when people of genius bring something good, she and her work have been ruthlessly ridiculed and instead of receiving support for her work, she finally had to flee to Mexico, where she continued her work en research until almost her death (at age 80). In her clinic, there in Mexico, she cured 95% of all her cancer patients, but that was still not good enough to her.!

During the last years of her life she managed to refine and improve her therapy in such a way that in the end she could claim, as the only person in the world, to cure 99% of all her cancer patients!
Even patients that were totally given up, she managed to bring back to life with her natural and simple, but in the mean time ingenious  remedies and protocol.


The therapy for all mothers

An extraordinary aspect of her work is that her innumerable inventions and discoveries were meant (and are meant) for the normal person, for every father, mother or child... In her own special way she gave the power and the self-confidence to be healed or to heal, back to ourselves.
She also was of the opinion that any normal mother, with or without having studied, was intelligent enough to understand her methods and to be able to apply them with success and she stimulated all: father, mother, grand dad, grand mother and even children, to copy her inventions themselves and to learn how to use them.

She made the point (and rightly so), that a mother is able to show a love, dedication and a perseverance that no doctor, logically, ever can show! And it are exactly that love, the practical actions of every day, the dedication and perseverance that are so important for the healing process.
That's why she thought that every mother should have the possibility to learn how to heal herself and her family. All her work was aimed at making that possible and is a trend that we are pleased to follow with our courses and workshops.


The Syncrometer as thé method of diagnosis of the future

You can ask yourself: why is it that the medical establishment doesn't know the cause of cancer and why don't they have an effective cure while Hulda Clark does?
Well, that's because Hulda Clark developed a totally new instrument, the Syncrometer, with which she, in an ingenious way, by means of resonance, could penetrate to even the secrets of every cell. (To watch videos in which the use of the Syncrometer is demonstrated, please go here: "Videos on Youtube".)

This instrument in the hands of a true scientist, as Hulda Clark was, made this all possible.
No patents, no billions of dollars, no guessing. No, just the combination of compassion for those suffering, given form in years of honest and profound scientific research!

There is no doubt that diagnosis by means of frequency and resonance, the way Hulda Clark did with her Syncrometer, will become thé method of diagnosis of the future, for this method is super fast, very precise and doesn't hurt the person at all.
No cutting needed, nor hours of (expansive) laboratory tests, for with the Syncrometer one literarily can know exactly what is inside the body and even inside the cells, in minutes and sometimes even seconds! This makes that the possibilities for finding the causes of our illnesses and thus their solutions are almost limitless and furthermore very cheap. And that is exactly what Hulda Clark has done. She has found the causes of many illnesses and developed for all these illnesses the adequate treatment, which, interestingly, is primarily based on natural remedies, dietary advices, herbs and vitamins.

Although thus purely scientific, the way science should be: profound, open, honest, never excluding any possibility and from the heart instead of for ones own gain, her therapy is not only meant for the medical establishment, on the contrary, and you can call it, rightly so: "The therapy of the people", for it is a very practical therapy that, if provided with enough information (therefore her books and our workshops), easily and successfully can be applied by anyone at home, along with any other form of treatment or therapy.

And, as far as we are concerned, there is no doubt that she still deserves a Nobel Price!

Nobelprijs met de afbeelding van Alfred Nobel

(Alternative) Disclaimer:

It's clear that it would be very unwise to exclude medical advice and examination, in the same way however that it would be very unwise of the medical establishment or anyone, to discourage people to investigate and use the Hulda Clark Therapy.
At this moment, discouraging only one of them is illegal, but when will come the time that is will be illegal to keep people away from a natural therapy that has proven to work, that gives more chances to survive and that in addition does less (or no harm at all) then the regular medical treatment?

In any case, we advice you to use both systems, because the more help the better! The vision of Hulda Clark was by the way also one of cooperation.

Dr. Clark herself had en enormous amount of knowledge about all that exists in the therapeutic field, be it in the field of medical science or in the field of alternative therapies and she investigated really all and everything (yes, even chemotherapy!) and kept and used that which worked best. That that in the end have become mainly natural remedies, has never been her intent, but are simply the result of her many years of honest research.

As I mentioned before, Hulda Clark never excluded anything and in that respect she followed this important basic principle for good science. She used to say: "A scientist has the obligation to openly and honestly share with the world all his or her findings, even if they go straight against his or her own convictions or of those of the world".
Well, first of all they went against her own convictions, for because of her scientific education at several universities she was taught to mistrust alternative medicine and natural therapies and, as she explained herself, she had never even seen a whole food store from the inside!
That her findings also go against the convictions of the medical system is therefore very understandable, but don't forget that statistically death rates of cancer are highest among doctors. Strange, but true! That forces us all, I would say, to realise how vulnerable we all are and hopefully stimulates us to be more open towards each other.
May cooperation and advancing together therefore be our future with as only goal: the well being of us all!

With kind regards,

Harm Valentine