A world without Cancer


Has Hulda Clark offered us and our children the possibility
to live in a world without cancer ?


The life's work and discoveries of dr. Hulda Clark, belong, no doubt, to one of the most intriguing and promising things of our times. Her findings and solutions in the area of the healing of cancer in particular and other diseases in general, seem to give us a chance to eliminate for ever the "C" word, that in so many of us, just by thinking of it alone, causes a blind spot because of the fact that, until shortly, it almost equalled a death sentence or at least a life full of fear and struggle.

Cancer is not simply a disease like many others, because since more or less 1 out of every 2 persons gets or will get cancer in his or her life, one could easily speak of a pandemic (a pandemic that is much more scary than the supposed swine flu or any other flu, for that matter!). Gently put: this is quite a serious situation!
That means that on average of a group of 10 people, 5 would get cancer. That is to say: half of your class, half of your friends and half of your family!
But it hasn't been always like that! What, for God's sake, has gone wrong...?!

That is a question that of course has occupied many scientists and because of uncountable tests (many of which done with animals), do we know now much more about cancer, but has it been enough? Has it given us means to cure cancer with certainty or has it given us guidelines that we can follow as to make sure that we will never get it?

We've got a medical industry in which billions of dollars are spend and earned each year. We have de most ingenious machines and the biggest and most advanced laboratories, but who could have suspected, that a simple machine, that you even easily can make yourself (young or old, man or woman, skilful or clumsy), in all its simplicity would make the billion industry blush, because of the fact that it is able, in a simple and cheap way, to do that, which those giants, not even with all the money and will of the world, can't do?

This little machine is one of the several inventions of Dr. Hulda Clark and she called it the Syncrometer. This "brainchild" of hers is capable of measuring, by means of resonance, in just a few seconds, which substances are where in the body. And not only that, it is also capable of showing which substances are in your food; your bread, your pizza, your ketchup, your beer, your ice cream, your glass of water etc. (for example heavy metals, asbestos, solvents, colorants and even radioactivity!)

When Hulda Clark discovered that 100% of the cancer patients that she tested with the Syncrometer, had all the same parasite (a fluke) in their body and also the same toxin (Isopropyl alcohol), she started to search for the relationship between these two and the cancer.

15 years later, after having tested hundreds of patients for toxins and parasites and also their food, drinking water and environment, she came to very interesting conclusions. Yes, even at the level of the processes in the cells and the DNA, the Syncrometer is capable of observing what takes place.
Not bad for a little machine that you, if desired, can make yourself!
Is it then so surprising that Dr. Hulda Clark has penetrated into the cause of not only cancer, but so many other diseases?

Although for a 100% scientific, the medical establishment, strangely enough (?) hasn't accepted her findings and that's why it will be through our own initiative alone, that we will be able to heal ourselves and our loved ones.

Since almost the beginning of time, we have been dependent on what others decided for us, concerning our health. No doctor nor therapist wants to lose his patients and thus his income. Nor does the medical industry.
Health, or better said illness, has become big business as never before and we are kept quite ignorant and misinformed and thus dependent.
Interestingly, Hulda Clark had a great confidence in the intelligence and the dedication of the lay person and she wrote therefore all her medical discoveries and information in her books in a language that anyone would easily understand. Hulda Clark was in that respect not only a great scientist and inventor, but she was also a fantastic teacher and communicator. She had the gift to make her vision visible for others in a very descriptive and sometimes funny manner and she made healing look surprisingly easy.

But how can healing be easy if there are so many dreadful diseases?

Well, the principle of healing is actually quite simple.
First of all, you should never underestimate your body for it is a living intelligent and self regulating organism that always and constantly seeks to heal and restore itself. In that respect you can fully trust your own body!
You can wonderfully observe that splendid healing mechanism of your body in the healing of a simple wound. Without you even having to worry much about it, the wound closes and all the tissues regenerate and recreate themselves and within a week or so things are healed and keep on healing further until there is not even a sign left that you ever hurt yourself. That is an enormous and powerful thing!
Every illness has its cause and it is that cause that actually blocks this self healing mechanism. When the cause of the illness (and thus the thing that blocks the wonderful natural regeneration) is known and then removed, the way is free for the body to regenerate itself again. Then the illness, that only could exist because of the blockage, will disappear as if it had never existed.
That is what you also can observe in the healing of cancer, for, if nothing was really damaged or removed (as in radiation treatment or operation) and the tumours disappear, the body regenerates itself as if the cancer had never been there.

Then, if the way to get rid of that cause is simple, healing and self healing become simple too. There is nothing more to it!
Hulda Clark found many of the causes of our illnesses, and she has given us many ways to get rid of these causes too. Ways that easily can be applied at home and mostly at low costs.

So what is actually the strength of the healing method of Hulda Clark?

  • Hulda Clark has proven that Cancer is curable.
    More than 95% of the people that came to her clinic in Mexico got cured of their cancer. This has never happened before in human history and should make the heart beat faster of anyone interested in the wellbeing of humanity.

  • The costs of the cure for cancer, that consists mostly of natural remedies en advices, are low and can easily be applied at home.

  • The cure can, without any problem, be done beside medical treatment.

  • All is based on years of scientific research and not on coincidence.

  • All is re-measurable and repeatable by anyone who can work with the Syncrometer.

  • Hulda Clark's discoveries are very practical and range from remedies for severe illnesses, to how to make your own poison-free shampoo, toothpaste, detergent and even recipes for healthy dishes and more...

  • Unlike the 300 other natural therapies en diets that exist against cancer, and that all have their own value, lies the strength of the method of Hulda Clark in the fact that the effect of that what you do for your health is immediately measurable and controllable.

  • Hulda Clark has explored many therapies and kept that what really works.

  •  Maybe most important of all: the knowledge and discoveries of Hulda Clark make it possible to prevent illnesses or detect it in a very very early stage, so that one can take immediate action and eliminate these beginning stages before they can cause any harm.


The knowledge and means are given to us, but... shall we soon have a world without cancer?
This will probably depend on ourselves.
The invention to run a car on water (not hydrogen, but simply water, any type of water, even seawater, already exists since some time. However the inventor, Stanley Meyer, has been killed just before the production of this small unit that easily could have been built in every car.

Hulda Clark's life hasn't been easy either and she has for example been sewed by the (criminal) quack watchers and subsequently even jailed for a short period of time (for treating people without a licence), but fortunately was released soon afterwards. Mexico was in the end the only country where she could freely do her work.
She has, contrary to other inventors, never applied for any patent on her discoveries, but has described them in her books in such a way that anyone and especially mothers, could construct them themselves. A very generous en intelligent deed, that has put the power in the hands of humanity itself and in the same time has prevented the possibility for those that by any chance would have wanted to suppress the information, to do so. (Or to kill her, for that matter!)

There are enough people, companies, rulers and politicians, that are not very happy with the inventions and discoveries of Hulda Clark, in the same way that there are people that don't want us to have access to energy that is practically for free, without polluting the environment. A strange and sad truth, that is difficult to understand for a gentle person with morals and good intentions. However, if you take in consideration that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest in the world with a yearly turnover of billions of dollars and that that what is earned on average from a single cancer patient, is about 300.000 dollar, while many of those patients aren't cured at all, and you compare this with the very low costs en simple remedies and equipment (the way our creator has intended, no doubt) with which Hulda Clark worked en really did cure her patients, then the picture becomes a lot more clear.

-It is the greed of man and his obsession for money and power, that keeps him imprisoned and ill.-

Thanks to Hulda Clark, the power lies now in our hands, but it will therefore also be our responsibility to use it! To expect help from "authorities" is, I think, a big mistake. It would be much wiser to educate ourselves and each other. It's our own body and our own health and that of those that are dear to us. That makes it more than worth all the effort, doesn't it?

Hulda Clark has in great detail described in her books, how the therapy works and why.
I sincerely hope therefore that this information will motivate you to learn more about the work of Hulda Clark and to apply that which you learn, into your own life, for only by applying it, will you be able to proof the value of her discoveries.

Probably the best thing to do will be to buy one or more of her books.
On this website you can read and/or download "the cure for all diseases", one of her first books . Another very generous gift of Hulda Clark, who made sure that you may use, copy and distribute all the information in the book if it is not for commercial purposes. 
For those with cancer, I suggest that you buy her last book "The prevention and cure for all cancers" or the all but last book "The prevention of all cancers".

For those interested in workshops, we regularly give workshops in Europe in which we teach for example how to make your own zapper with zappicator and in which we share a lot of information and experience (which is as important as having a zapper). At the moment, those workshops are, given in Holland (Rotterdam) and Spain (Barcelona). For more information, you can always contact us, by sending us an email to:


Disclaimer: It is important to seek medical help whenever needed. Fortunately the Hulda Clark Therapy can be applied alongside any other treatment or therapy.